Yes. We maybe known as Sound Tracks 2016 Sound Tracks 16 Soundtrackscollective and all sorts of things on social media. You know who we are… Emmie, Keith and Sarah. (Bios at the bottom of our home page. When looking at the previous blog post 2016 sticks out as if we have not been doing anything this year. SO, what have we been up to in 2017?

Keith has been away for the past few months and is still in Australia due to family reasons. We hope he is continuing with his storytelling/training while he is there…

I have found some evidence of his being – at least in the www:

Keith Park Twitter

Lets see if that link above actually comes out as an embedded tweet from Keith. If not then apologies! It is basically a tweet from the other side (Brisbane). (I changed the tweet to just his page!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 14.31.53

Emmie and I continued with a few more fortnightly sessions based at West Norwood Health and Leisure Centre. We then led three sessions for adults with learning disabilities as part of a Heritage Lottery Funded Project called ‘Boundaries’ by the Invisible Palace team (See above). We touched on work that we had done before with our Great North Wood Project at the Leisure Centre and sessions for the London Wildlife Trust in Crystal Palace Park in 2016. Our sessions focussed on the history of Crystal Palace Park from the time of the Great North Wood to the present.

Emmie and I have also led two sessions in Special Educational Needs Schools. We led one session at Woodlands School on the theme based around Harry Potter. We also led a session at The Village School on the topic of Around the World as part of their One World Week. We had great fun visiting these schools!

We are now in the midst of our holidays, with Sarah thinking about relocating out of London – though with a view to being near enough to continue Sound Tracks sessions of course! Both Sarah and Emmie are getting ready for our individually led music sessions for adults with learning disabilities. Emmie is in preparation for the next term at Hackney College where she works part time. Sarah will be leading some more Great North Wood Sessions for The London Wildlife Trust with Coralie Oddy.

Sarah and Emmie are also about to be part of Parallel London – kindly invited by Joanna Grace to join her in her Sensory Projects tent with a group of fantastic people. We are looking forward to meeting them all!

Hopefully more from us soon!





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